Caye Caulker Humane Society


Our Mandate:

"We, the Caye Caulker Humane Society, wish to help the island of Caye Caulker keep its animal population healthy and in safe, accommodating homes. We perform Spay and Neutering in order that over-population does not invite outside resources to be used to control the population. We seek to educate the young of Caye Caulker to better enable us to carry this message onto the next generation. We seek, in a non-profit-making way, to finance the organisation through Charitable Donations and to assist the local council in any way we can in the care of our animal population"

We started the Humane Society in the late summer of 2009. We have had spectacular help and support from the locals and travelers alike. Our story is a small one, a small island in the Caribbean, around 2000 residents, but nearly all residents keep dogs and there are feral cats.

We have a clinic on Sinsonte Street, Caye Caulker, where we perform Spay and Neuter Surgery weekly when the vet is here and every Saturday we have an open (free) clinic from 9am – 11am. Consult is free, time is free, and if you can help pay for the meds – thank you – we need it!

We are 501C(3) status in Austin TX, and registered non-profit in Belize (ie: your donation is tax deductible)

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Contact us by phone at +501.639 0801 Fax +1.270.398.1937 (USA).